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Zone Conference November 2015 Christlike Attributes

leads to action, it is the foundation for other attributes and for testimony. We exercise faith as we do missionary work. Everything is possible with faith as we align our will to God’s will. As a missionary, we have to have faith. When we act in faith and are diligent, we will find prepared people. Faith enables us to act and drives us to obedience. We can increase our faith by diligent study, prayer, dedicated service. Studying and learning about Jesus Christ increases faith.
Missionaries who spoke on Faith— Sister Watson, Elder Willis, Elder Fife, Sister Cozzens, Sister Taylor, Elder Sarki

is an abiding trust that God will keep His prom-ises to you. Hope in Christ is not like worldly "wanting". Christ-like hope is trust in the Lord. Hope is believing and expecting that something will occur. When you have hope, you work through trials and difficulties with the confidence and assurance that all things will work together for your good. It helps you conquer discouragement.
Missionaries who spoke on Hope—Sister Smith, Sister B. Taylor, Elder Cornelison, Sister Roundy

Charity and Love
Missionary work is all about charity. Missionary work is about loving God, our neighbors and ourselves. Loving others is the most important attribute. It encompasses all other attributes. Forget yourself and go to work. Follow Christ’s example and He always stopped to make others whole. When we have charity we will be good missionaries and we will increase in charity. When we have charity we do not judge others. Be a Christ-like missionary, do not just do missionary work. We must pray for charity, it is a gift. The Savior did what was natural for Him; He went about doing good. We have loved the people we have served. Christ, the Shepherd, goes looking for the one, yet he knows the ninety and nine.
Missionaries who spoke on Charity and Love—Elder R. Kelly, Elder Costner, Sister Duncan, Sister Oliver, Sister Hechavarria, Elder J. Taylor, Sister C. Taylor, Elder Tout, Elder Lewis, Elder Tomlinson, Sister Johnson, Sister Willis, Sister Arntsen

Developing Attributes

Pray for attributes, they are gifts. Attributes do not come by will and self-determination, they come from God. We need to use faith and hope.

Missionaries who spoke on developing attributes—Elder Kirby, Elder K. Kelly

comes from trials and adversity. We show patience when we accept God’s timing. Pa-tience is a Christ-like capacity to endure delay. To be patient we focus on the good and positive things that come while we are delayed. We see that we have been given extra time to prepare and discover new ideas. Patience is to hold up under patience calmly. We are patient as we "look forward to the fruit" (Alma 31:42). With patience we look past immediate problems. "Trust in the Lord, wait pa-tiently for Him." Patience is the capacity to endure trouble.
Missionaries who spoke on Patience—Elder Johnson, Elder England, Sister Williams, Elder Hodson, Elder Colburn
is an expression of love for God. It is steady, consistent, effective effort. Diligence is work. It is giving all our time, effort, talent to the Lord. Diligent work is a remedy for homesickness. We must apply diligence in developing the attributes of Christ.

Missionaries who spoke on Diligence—Sister Seely, Elder Krie

to obtain knowledge and to gain a testimony we need the Holy Ghost. Knowledge comes line upon line and precept upon precept. The more we receive and use, the more we are given. It takes diligence to gain knowledge. The more we study the life of Christ the more we gain knowledge of His at-tributes and can become like him. We need to take learning seriously.

Missionaries who spoke on Knowledge—Sister Morrison, Elder Garner, Elder Sarki, Elder Harris, Sister Sorenson
leads us to Christ, helps us to know him. Through obedience we show love for God. By obedience we leave behind the sins of omission. Have an "I will go and do atti-tude." Christ obeyed the Father in all things.

Missionaries who spoke on Obedience—Elder Duce, Elder B. Smith


Elder L. Tom Perry

The Character of Christ Character: "the sum of the moral and mental qualities which distinguish an individual
 AS CHRIST THOUGHT . . . As Christ admonished us to "look to Him in every thought," He looked to the Father. His thoughts were His Father’s thoughts. He took time to think, ponder, pray and prepare for the work he was called to do.

AS CHRIST TAUGHT . . . "Be ye, therefore, perfect." He taught the higher law in the Sermon on the Mount.
He taught in parables so that those who had ears to hear could understand. He taught the great truths of eternity.
He taught the doctrine of the Father. He spoke the words His Father told Him to speAS CHRIST TESTIFIED . . .
He always testified of the Father. If ye have seen me, ye have seen the Father. His every action was a testimony of the character of God the Father. The Father and I are one. He came to do the will of the Father.

He rose on the third day. He stands today on the right-hand of the Father. "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, . . To receive power, and riches, and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing. (Revelation 5:12).

"Come Ye After Me, and I will Make You to Become Fishers of Men"

Matthew 4:19

                                          Redding, Anderson, Chico Zone in Anderson
(that's me in the middle top row, the shortest one in that row, or maybe all the rows for that matter!)
                                        Antelope, Roseville, Citrus Heights in Antelope
                                             Lincoln, Rocklin, Auburn Zone in Lincoln
                              Gridley and Yuba City Zone Conference November 2015      

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