Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sorry for the delayed email!!! I was waiting to send you this pic

So... I'm still getting over my cold. Not feeling 100% but I'm working on it. These last 2 weeks have been kinda weird. 2 Monday's ago president called us and said that me and Elder Tomlinson were being transferred, last minute. He told us to pack all of our things and meet him at the mission office Tuesday morning. We did as he said and met him there at 11 am. The new greenies came in and and he spent all day with them. We waited and waited for further instruction. Well, he told us that he wasn't sure where he was going to put us yet, but to stay on standby. We stayed the night in a vacant missionary apartment.

Wednesday rolled around, and president still didn't tell us where he wanted us. So we waited all Wednesday and still nothing. Wednesday night came and president told us to go back to our area for the time being, and that we would be transferred next Tuesday. Well that didn't happen, so one week after that we are still here in Olivehurst/ Wheatland.

So something super exciting happened 2 days ago....

Cassandra was baptized by Elder Tomlinson, and David was baptized by me. It was an awesome experience and the spirit was so strong there.

Those 2 kids have been waiting to be baptized for years. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of bringing them into this wonderful church.

So spiritual thought for this week:  in sacrament yesterday a lady talked about listening to the spirit. She talked about how we have to tune our hearts to listen to when, and what the spirit speaks to us. I thought of a time in my life that I have had to tune to something in order to listen to it. I thought of my truck. I love music and I had loud speakers. It was nice to be able to listen to music while driving to my destination, yet it was distracting. I thought to when I rolled my truck and after I had it back on the road again. I never put speakers back in and I drove it without music for a good few months.

For those few months, I didn't have the luxury of listening to music, but I had the blessing of being able to listen to every sound my truck would make. Good and bad. I was "in tune" with all aspects of my truck. I then was able to hear things that needed my attention and fix them. The same is true in our lives with many things. When we remove distractions like music, and are able to be "in tune" with the spirit.

We are able to listen to the spirit and what it has to tell us. Both good and bad. After that, we are able to make adjustments to our lives for the better.

Love, Elder Funley

Elder Tomlinson, Cassandra, David, and ME!
The Martinez Family
Active teenagers, never able to be baptised until today:  truly the hand of the Lord working miracles and blessing lives.