Thursday, September 17, 2015

A care package from Elder Nunley?

September 17, 2015

Today the Nunley family received a care package from Elder Nunley.  It was a medium size box.  Its contents were interesting.  The first thing Carly pulled out was a tail of a squirrel in a gallon size Ziplock bag.  He said "road kill everywhere, this one went down".  Yuck!!

He also sent a giant pine cone.  It stands about 10" tall and 7" wide.  I can't imagine if one of those fell on your head.  How big do you think those pine trees stand?  And it weighs at least 3lb. 

He sent some great tourist pamphlets about some towns that he passes through, and other great memorabilia:  his first and second sacrament programs since arriving in California.  One program #2, he was one of the main speakers.

Kiefer has sent us a couple of these "" cards.   I am guessing that these cards are to pass to investigators, with a message from the Elders.  Kiefer has used them to send messages to his family.  They are pretty special to receive.  We only hope that his investigators feel the love behind them that we feel when we read his words. 

He also sent two temple cards, showing his nearest temples:  The Sacramento, CA. Temple, and the Medford, OR. Temple.   Presently in Falls River, he is about 5 hours away from his mission home near Roseville, CA., and is almost as far north as he can be in his mission boundaries, near to the Oregon border.

It sure was fun to receive a care package today form California.  Our only hope is that he has as much fun receiving and opening the care packages we send to him.  It was full of surprises!  Thank you Elder Nunley

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