Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015


There's really not a whole lot that goes on here in Palo Cedro/ Fall River.. The most exciting thing each day is dinner haha... Tonight we ate dinner at the Bowens house. We did some service for them for about 2 hours. Most people out here have a farm and/or ranch. We helped him harvest some potatoes, move things into storage, and helped him feed his chickens. We had a nice Japanese dish of noodles and some other goodies and a delicious ear pie!!! They gave us a bunch of eggs, some sausage, potatoes, and left over food.



We helped out at the library in Fall River mills. People donate furniture and other things to the library and every once in a while they sell the stuff to help the library stay in business. We helped clear out a house not far from the library.. They were going to throw out a bunch of Chinese lamps and I said that we would love to take them because our apartment has no lights! So now we have 5 lamps haha...



Today was not very eventful. We planned for the upcoming week (3 hrs) then drove around trying to find people (like usual) with not much luck. We talked with a really nice less active guy who has the cutest golden doodle. One man opened his door and we sat and talked for a good hour. His name is Leroy and he talked a lot about family history and genealogy. On that note, where is dads side from in Europe? And are poodles French?



Today we had a great sacrament meeting and learned about the offices of the priesthood.. We ate dinner at bishop Christoffersons house. The Stewart's (a new family in the ward) and the Christensens (we had dinner with them on the 13th). both families came over and we had a great spiritual thought at the end with the Christoffersons. We spoke about families and it made me really trunky (trunky means I'm missing home) anyways, tomorrow we have to go get new tires put on the truck and get the oil changed. We're going to throw our bikes in the bed of the truck and ride around while we wait for the truck to be finished. 

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