Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MTC a "snapshot" on Skype of Elder Broderick (my companion) and I during studytime

A volunteer couple, the Fitzwater's from Payson, come to the MTC to do a variety of things, but what they did this day, was to speak with us and find out how we were doing, and report back to our parents at home about our overall status.

 For me, it was a great report "Your son looks great.  He is happy, smiling and learning!   His spirit is strong.    I hope this text will bring you comfort in knowing the Lord is aware.  He is watching over your Elder.  And your family.  He understands this sacrifice.   He is so grateful for how you have raised your sweet son. 

I cannot tell you all how much I loved this place.  The teachers were so amazing, my whole branch was an amazing group of people who taught me so much; I just love them all.

And I miss all of you a whole lot too!

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