Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

It's my first week in Cali, and I am in the Palo Cedro/Fall River area in the far northern part of the state and mission, which I am happy about.  I cover two wards that are 1.5 hrs. apart, so we have two apartments.  We mainly stay in Palo Cedro (Sat-Wed) and go to church there too.  But every second Sunday we go to the Fall River Ward.  For the past 5 nights I have slept in 5 different beds.  We live on a member's property in Pale Cedro and they have a golden retriever named Sadie!  She is so cute and loving and reminds me of our dogs.

I have been asked to speak for 20 minutes this coming Sunday at the Fall River ward.  You know how much I dislike this task.  I hope and pray to learn to do this with ease and without anxiety, someday soon.  So I guess that means I will learn to speak at the podium with the spirit right beside me, easing my pain and lifting my burdens.

We drive a Frontier, it's not a Toyota, but it's alright, I guess.  My first companion and trainer is Elder Kelly, he has been in the field for 20 months.  He is from Colorado and he is a nice guy and we get along pretty well. 

I'm getting used to talking to random people on the streets (street contacting).  We are allowed to listen to Disney music in the car, and I'm getting to know my Aladdin music pretty good.  WE are allowed to listen to music that invites the spirit, like Josh Groban.  Yes, Josh Groban and Christian Rock.  We went to the fair on Thursday in Fall River and met some of the members of the Fall River Ward (ward mission leaders and some really nice families).  It has already been an adventure.  I feel blessed to be here, in CA, in America, and to be in such wonderful weather.

I still have not been able to sign on to my "blog" account, and I thank my mother for posting pictures and short snipits of my emails home.

Thank you all for your prayers, letters and all your support.

I pray for all of you, for your safety, your health, and for you to have guidance.  I love you all so so very much.

Elder Nunley (aka Elder Funley)

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