Monday, September 28, 2015

My Brother had a 17th Birthday

My Brother Sawyer had a 17th birthday this week.  I was really thinking about him, missing him, and at the same time hoping that he is preparing for his mission, because it will make him that much better of a missionary; so much more prepared and able to do the Lord's work.  But I know my brother, he will be a great missionary, because he is diligent and smart,  and he is a disciplined student and it comes so naturally to him, yet he puts time into it.   That's a talent in itself, and he has so many skills and talents that I don't have.  He is an amazing photographer and artist and is able to capture things that I wouldn't even think of.  Yet I realize that we all have different talents, and the most important thing to use them for is to help others around us and to help our Heavenly Father spread the word about his gospel here on earth.  I want him to capture all the beautiful things that we have been given on this earth, so that people can easily see this-- through his skills with the camera, and his his movie making abilities, and his "drone" excursions.  I love my bruddah so much!!!!

P-day was great today! We had to take the truck in for new tires (too
many burnouts) and an oil change. We waited for 2.5 hrs. We walked up
the street to Ross and shopped around, and that took up an hour and 45

We had a lesson with a less active named Derek. He's in his late 20s
and is in a wheelchair. He got a new horse a few days ago, and man is
it beautiful!!! We stopped at a thrift shop and me and elder Kelly
both found cool ties! We are at the Paris' house and she gave elder
Kelly a tie for his bday (on the 28th)

We went to district meeting today and talked about families and the
proclamation. We ate at Taco Bell and I had some really good
quesadillas! We went home and packed for Fall River, then left to go
do service at the Wentworth's home. We helped them dig a trench for a
water line and electricity to their goats. Brother Wentworth  is super
cool!!! His son builds toyotas and he built his dad a 98 extra cab!
Brother Wentworth also knows the owner of marlin crawler!!

I can't believe how  nice the members are up here! It's
incredible! I'm going to have a dish I used to have at home, made up
for me next month.   Everyone has chickens, so we get fresh eggs to take
home all the time. The Wentworths told us that if we need any gas,
they have 55 gal drums of gas that are available for us. Everyone is
so loving towards us, it's awesome!

We visited two potential investigators in the morning before lunch,
Bill and Doug. Bill is a crazy guy who reads too much about religion
and conspiracies on the Internet. Although he said that he wants to come our church, so we invited him.


We also helped the Nordstroms prep for a wedding for their daughter at the church.

We didn't do a whole lot today out of the ordinary, just a typical day in palo cedro doing our normal routines; we saw some people. Had dinner. Drove around. We drove 175 miles today. We average about 89-90 a day. The truck is at 41000 miles, and mission cars are retired at 50000. So our truck is pretty old

We visited with the Strattons today, and had dinner there. They have a daughter that went to BYU I for a semester, and she told me how much fun it was! Man I want to look into BYU I when I get home..there's a lot of church oriented things that go on there, a lot of wholesome activities too! We shared a spiritual message at the Pyles home (a part member family) and left them with a proclamation to the world.

I love you all and miss you.  Things are great here in Palo Cedro.  I am glad to be here in this spot of California.

Elder Funley

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