Monday, October 12, 2015

Transfer Week

October 12, 2015

It is transfer week!  We will get two new sister missionaries and one new elder.  But I have not been transferred.  I will stay another 6 weeks here in Palo Cedro, and I think it is good.  I like this place.  I love being out here, exiled, to Palo Cedro. Because there's no big city lights to block out the stars! I can see the Milky Way from our apartment!

Hello all!! How are things back home? Has the world fallen apart yet?

Haha. All is good here in the mission field and up here in


Palo Cedro and Fall River.. The work goes on! We don't have many investigators, but we work with many less active members..

We've been meeting with this less active member named Derek for a good
12 transfers. At the beginning of our visits he told us that he doesn't want to say any prayers at all because he's not comfortable with it. Both in front of other people and personal. But our last visit he offered to say the opening prayer out of nowhere! It was super cool and are trying to get him back to church!
OH! Something exciting came in the mail this week! Terry, from Canada/Hawaii, sent me a super cool card! She filled it with awesome pictures of our family on the beach! It was super special.
One of our zone leaders is going home on Tuesday. His 2 years are up!! He's from Ogden Utah and he's a great person! Very spiritual and a great person to look up to. Conference was amazing!!! The sessions seemed not to be long enough!! So many spiritual things! I know that was all last week.. But there was not a lot that went on this week...
The church is true and I can feel it every time I talk with someone about it.. I love to feel the spirit each day.. When it starts in my toes, and it works its way up and I crinkle my nose. And wherever it goes. I always know.
Elder Funley


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