Monday, October 19, 2015

This week in Palo Cedro

October 19, 2015
So we were at the library in Fall River just hanging out bumming Wi-Fi and a lady comes up to us and says hello. We say hello and start talking to her. She told us that she misses the missionaries coming over and talking to her and she used to talk with them all the time at her house. We ask her where she lives and set up an appointment. She's really nice, she lives in a trailer with six other people and it's kind a looney.  They say they were all baptized into the church in a town nearby but they do not attend anymore. It was really cool to meet with them and get a feel for their relationship with God and understand where they are in the gospel.

We also had the opportunity to go over to a recent converts house and give her a blessing. It was really cool cause she asked Elder Kelly to annoint the oil and asked me to give the blessing. I really felt the spirit and it was super cool!

Being up here and seeing the struggles people have, really makes me appreciate the gospel more and more. We all have our own trials, but the lord makes them manageable. Back home I always knew that things would work out because our family had such faith in the Lord. We knew everything was for the better. But these families who struggle through hard times without God, or faith in Jesus Christ, or the gospel, have to worry about everything much more. We as missionaries worry about them and pray for them often, that they may see the Lord's hand in all things. That they might see that everything is for the better.. I love the restored church on this planet and am so grateful for all that God has provided for me.. Take care you all, have faith, and know that God has a plan for each of us!

Elder Funley

 This is the view outside my apartment in reminds me of some beautiful campgrounds up in the Uintah's.

My companion, Elder Kelly

Just hanging out on our P-Day!
and taking photos

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