Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Well I had the opportunity to see 2 primary programs within a week!

One in Fall River, and one in Palo Cedro! The kids were super funny and it was put together really well.  This week was so filled with service, I've woken up aching almost every day! We did over 10 hours of service this week! We helped a lady move furniture out of a house she was selling for someone else. We moved sofas, tables, and boxes out to the barn to be sold. The next day we did an hour of service at a new ward members house unloading a uhaul truck, sister Walker. She is a really nice person. Her father was there helping her move and it was fun. He took us out to lunch at burrito bandito and it was awesome!! Such good food! Then we helped the Wentworths clear out manzanita trees and prep them to be loaded on the trailer. Me and elder Kelly had a lot of fun ripping trees from the earth. It made me feel so strong and manly, it was great!!!

On Tuesday, we did our usual service at the library in Shingletown, it was quiet, not much was going on, I was sitting at the front desk like I do every week. Then out of nowhere, I hear a "SMASH!" Followed by "SKIRRRRRT!" And I'm thinking "what on earth was that?" A few minutes later I decide to stand up and look out the window and I beheld a white Mercury that had collided when a red Dodge Neon ran a stop sign! It was such a mess outside. The driver of the neon was freaking out and yelling at everyone, and blaming them for what had happened, when in reality, she was at fault.. There ended up being 4 fire trucks, 3 highway patrol units, an ambulance, and a life flight helicopter!! The whole ordeal went on for a good 2 1/2 hours.

Then on Saturday we had zone blitz (where the whole zone serves in one area for a day) we started off with service for a few hours doing various tasks at the local skate park in red bluff. Me, elder Kelly, elder Worthington, and elder Funk dug some holes in the ground for a new skate park sign to be put up. The sign was made of steel and powder coated. It looked good from afar, but was far from good looking. It was plasma cut and burrs were left on the other side, and there was a lot of porosity in almost every weld!!! (But that's me being picky)

We also stopped by Zaq and Adams house because we saw that they weren't at school. Zaq was building a catapult for school in the garage and I wanted to help. So I helped them out out and we built a sick catapult. The catapult ended up getting 100% in both accuracy and distance! Haha. It was a pretty sad catapult, but hey, it worked!

Elder Funley

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