Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

Hello all!! How was all of your halloweens?! I hope you all partied hard and got lots of candy!! Haha. But seriously. Email me back. I feel like my emails go out to no one...... Anyways! I had a great week! Last Sunday I taught my first investigator! Yay! Sister Christensen has a dance studio in Redding. And she hired a dude named Dan as an intern doing promotions and stuff for the studio. Dan is about 23-24 and moved to Redding with his friends after going to college in Minnesota. His friends go to Bethel and when he attended with them, he found many loop holes and flaws. Sister Christensen invited him to come pick apart our church, so he did.! He had a great time watching the primary program, which is always so so cute! We had lunch at the Christensens and were able to teach Dan a little more about our church, and answer some questions that he had. It was super cool. Because that Sunday was the primary program and he really liked it! It touched on all the points of the restoration and went through some articles of faith!

My favorite part of the week was Monday because I got to work on a Toyota! Zaq, a really cool young 17 year old member, texted us and told us that his leaf springs had come in the mail, and asked if I could give him a hand. We headed over after He had been working on them for a good few hours and hadn't gotten very far. I got there and finished up everything in about 3 hours. He was super stoked and I was ecstatic to get my hands greasy on a Toyota!!! He bought old man emu springs for the rear btw.

On Friday, we were up in Fall River and we went to the Oilers for dinner. As usual, it was super fun. We were there for a good 2.5 hours. We ate dinner, and carved pumpkins! The oilers gave us pumpkins to carve since we were there for dinner. But didn't know what to carve. Then Sister Oiler had the idea of cutting leg holes in a pumpkin and putting her baby inside! So, like any good missionary would do, I cut a pumpkin for the baby to sit inside! it was pretty funny, here's a pic!

                                                 Here we are in our new P-day shirts!

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