Sunday, November 8, 2015

Some Exciting News I've been waiting for....

On Monday November 2, 2015, my best friend Chance Peterson received his call to serve in the Riverside, California mission.  He drove up to my parents home, called them up on the phone and asked them to come to the front door because he was outside.

My mom said that her and dad ran down the stairs and out into the driveway and grabbed the papers out of his hand and quickly scanned to see where he was going, when mom couldn't read it in the dark, she went into the house and said "Chance, where is that?"  He said he had already googled it and that it was 7 hours away from Kiefer.

I was so excited when I heard about it.  I wrote him a long email, and got a few other elders to share some of their feelings with him, and some of their excitement for him.

Here is the email:

Bro Im so excited for you!!! I have friends in the mission next to you!!! Most of my roommates from the MTC are in the Redlands mission. I think it's north east of yours! Anyways.. I don't know what to say! I'm so ecstatic for you!!! Man I'm so excited for you! I love you so much bro! It's so exciting on a mission!

Hello this is elder Pirir, I wish you a success in the your mission, have fun and change the life of the people, and leave your mark on the world!!!👍👻

those are wise words from elder Pirir! He's a super cool Spanish/English missionary. I could go on and on about how great the mission is, but in 5 weeks you'll see exactly what I'm talking about! The MTC is super cool, you feel the spirit every minute of every day there.! It's an amazing experience that I would not trade for the world! (P.s there's nothing wrong with the orange juice in the MTC.) get used to shaving every day, (I don't have to cause I can't grow any hair lol.) and get used to waking up at 6-6:30!

hello chance congrats on the mission call riverside sounds pretty cool good luck on your mission have fun.

That was elder Bergener, elder Pirir's companion. He is home town best friends with my companion, elder Kelly. They grew up together and got sent to the same mission!! Anyways, there's a few things that I need to send home, and two of those items are for you. I hope you enjoy them and find good use for each of them! If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or my mother! I know my mother, and I know she will want to help you out in every way she can. So I apologize in advance if it seems like too much, but she just likes to help people.!

A few things I would suggest, is to bring out an extra $150 cash just I case something happens and you have to buy new clothes because you left a whole drawer full of service/ P-Day clothes in the MTC!!! Also, an electric shaver will do you well because razor burns and nicks suck!! You also won't have to spend money on new blades and shaving cream every month. Also, is your mission an iPad mission? If it isn't, I have a really nice camera that I'm not using because I have an iPad now.. So let me know if you'll be getting an iPad in your mission or not! Also, bring a spiral notebook for notes in the MTC.

Hey Chance, this is Elder Kelly, your good friends comp. Congratulations on receiving your mission call to the good state of California. The mission is a great experience so make the most f it and learn all that you can, but always try to relax and have fun as well. Muscles preform better when they are relaxed, and as humans we do good when we are relaxed so don't stress and have a good time. That is my council to you good sir. Have fun in Riverside!

So, just to wrap things up, Ilove you. I'm super stoked for you and know that you'll love SoCal! That's exactly where you're supposed to be at this time in your life. Get to know your district and your zone as soon as you can. God puts you in the zone, district, and with your companion for a reason! Get to know them personally and adapt to their weird quarks! Be friendly and open up to them! They're in the same place as you for a reason! They have the same major goals in life that you do. Those goals are marriage in the temple, gospel, strong families, and ultimately eternal life in the presence of Heavenly Father! My final word of advice to you is probably the most important. And it is this; "HAVE FUN EVERY DAY!" The mission can be stressful if you let it get to you, and if you let it all build up! So, have fun often, it really relieves the stress. It also keeps you on good terms with your companion. Well, I have to get going now. I love you a ton, take care and be safe.

Never let your faith waiver in the presence of evil! Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith elder Chance Peterson!

Elder Funley

Elder Chance Peterson will enter the MTC on Wednesday December 9, 2015.

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