Monday, December 14, 2015

It's Christmas time here, It's Raining and Hailing!!!

Guess what happened this week!?!? It rained!! Yes, that's right. RAIN.
In California! Can you believe that?! It rained like 3 days out of
the past 7! It hailed on Sunday! And we had stake conference! The
whole stake presidency was reorganized and a few general authorities
came to the stake center and spoke to us. It was awesome! I was very
spiritually uplifted and learned a lot!

So last week, we had an investigator named Adam. He was solid. Awesome
guy. Interested in the gospel and wanting to go to church. We taught
him the restoration and it was awesome. Then, on Wednesday, as we were
heading to our scheduled lesson with him, he texts us and says that
this wasn't a good time in his life and that he's sorry for wasting
our time :( I was super sad to drop him as an investigator :( but such
is missionary life.

Also, on Wednesday, I went on exchanges with the Hmong elders. They
speak Hmong!
We ate at a Hmong home and I recorded a Hmong name!!! It is "Nraug
suav xyoo" please don't try to read it because it's crazy weird.
(Blame the French.) but it means handsome Chinese boy.  We taught a 7
year old about missionary work and it was really cool!

We also had the most spiritual dinner with 2 member families. It. Was.
Awesome! We shared a spiritual message with 9 kids and like 5 adults.
The children were so well behaved and immersed in the spiritual
message, it was awesome. It made me think of how much I want that type
of participation and faith in the gospel with my family. I almost
teared up when all the kids went around saying what they liked about
the short video we shared. One boy said that the spirit whispered to
him that it was true and I just about cried. Man it was so touching.

Well, I hope you all having a wonderful holiday season filled with
warm fuzzies from the spirit! I love you all, and can't wait to hear
back from you.

Elder Funley

This is my companion Elder Fife.  He is smart, articulate, knows detail and pays attention well.  He is from "Sandy" Utah.

               Our house is nicely decorated with Holiday cheer that both of our mother's sent to us.

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