Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Message For Christmas.... from my Mission President

Dear Missionaries:

It is Christmas week. Sister Marston and I send our love to each of you and desire to express our gratitude for and testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ.

There is no better time, Christmas 2015, or place, California Roseville Mission, to serve as missionaries.  Our message this season, “A Savior is Born” is the same message declared by angels to humble shepherds and seeking wise men. 

Truly ours is a message of “peace and goodwill.   As our Savior, He grasps us as we fall, holds us with His might, and, through our obedience to His commandments, lifts us to eternal life.” (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, April 2015 Conference)
There are no words to fully express the meaning of that rescue.  No other person could have done what He has done for us.  He truly is the “author and finisher of our salvation.”  He is “the light, the life and the hope of the world.”  It is a magnificent responsibility given to missionaries to declare His truth to all the world.

We know that He lives, He loves us, He is with us, going before us, preparing hearts and minds to hear the “glad tidings of great joy” which is for “all people.”

Our prayer is that each of you will have a peaceful, spirit-filled Christmas day as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We say again, there is no better time or place to be a missionary.

We love you.  We pray for you.
Best regards,

President Michael F. Marston
California Roseville Mission



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