Monday, December 28, 2015

WOW What a Week!

Wow what a week!!! So much has happened in this last week! One week
ago, president called us and told me and elder Fife that he wanted to
put us in a trio companionship. There was a Hmong elder in Chico who
was not getting along with his two trainers. So president wanted to
put him in a Hmong branch so he could be immersed in the work a little
more. The only Hmong branch in the mission is in our zone of Yuba
city. I guess since Tomlinson is an English missionary, president
didn't want in a trio with the other Hmong missionaries. So he put
elder Tomlinson with us! He wanted the whole thing to happen before
Christmas Day. So, on Monday elder Tomlinson moved all his stuff into
our apartment. We were not there to help him move in on Monday. We had
to go down to Sacramento to get a bike rack and hitch put on our cute
little Toyota Corolla. Since we were down in Sacramento, we went and
played sports with our old companions, Kelly and Inman. It was so good
to see Kelly again and I'm so sad that he's leaving.

Tuesday I ate some bad tuna and got way bad food poisoning and puked
all over the side of a jeep! We were with another set of missionaries
riding in the back of their car after I had eaten some bad mayo with
my tuna for lunch. The car ride made everything worse and I got sicker
and sicker in the car. We almost made it to the stake center but it
wouldn't stay down. Before I knew it I was hanging out the window
puking in front of an intersection full of people.

Wednesday we had to drive down to the mission office to pick up a few last minute packages for some people in our zone. We had to leave at 7:30 in order to make it back for our district meeting on time.

Friday was Christmas!!! It was so awesome talking to my family. I love them so much and it was a true blessing to be able to see all their beautiful faces. I called them around dinner time and was asked to bless the food over Skype. It was so cool that I was able to do that with them. I received a lot of presents from people and I appreciate all of them!! But being able to say a prayer with my family over Skype was probably the best Christmas gift I have ever received!!

Yesterday was an awesome day as well!! We had our investigator at church finally! Last week she had problems with her ride and his car broke down. But this week, everything worked and Donna came and stayed for all 3 hours!! She liked it and is excited for her baptism on the 15th! She's super excited and cannot wait for all the things we are teaching her.

I love you all so very much and wish you all safe journeys as you travel this week!!

Elder Funley


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