Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016, here we are!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I know I sure did!

Thank you to everyone who sent me either a letter, or a package for the holidays! I received a total of 13 lbs of candy for Christmas and New Years! I'm gonna get soo fat!! Haha.

So, there are a total of like 7 Hmong missionaries in the whole mission, and 3 Hmong areas. One of those are in my zone (yuba zone) For some reason, the Hmong area in my zone has a Hmong elder and an English elder. The other 2 areas each have a brand new missionary being trained by 2 seasoned missionaries as a trio. One of those greenies was not getting along with his trainers. So he called president and told him. President thought long and hard and came to a conclusion. He was going to stick him in the only Hmong branch in the mission, in yuba. He wanted him to be trained like a normal missionary, not in a trio. So he took out the English elder and stuck him with us! So for the past 2 weeks, I have been in a trio companionship!

We received transfer updates last night and elder Fife is leaving us to go to Chico :( I'll miss him a lot :( we became really good friends and have a lot in common. I understand that this is heavenly fathers work and not mine and that he needs to go to Chico for a reason. Also!

The Wheatland area adjacent to my area is being shut down! President has asked us to double cover our area and Wheatland. I'm stoked because the Wheatland apartment has a lava lamp!!

Our investigator on date, Donna, is doing super awesome! Her baptism is set for the 15th of this month! Last visit, we went through the interview questions and she passed with flying colors! Since Fife is leaving, it's left up to me to plan out the whole baptism. Scheduling the time, who's going to talk, and pray, and who's going to preform the baptism! I think Fife would like to come down to do it.

 Tuesday I had the opportunity to go to the temple! It was awesome! We went with a family who lives in antelope, close to Sacramento and some sister missionaries. We attended a session at the Sacramento temple and it was beautiful! Here's a pic of the crew

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