Monday, January 11, 2016

Another week goes by in the Mission Field in NOCAL

Donna is solid! If you don't remember Donna, she's our newly found investigator as of like a month ago. Her baptism is set for this Friday and everything is good good knock knock! We almost had a huge snafu with donnas friend who is a member! His name is Jose and he's really close friends with Donna.

On to the story!! We were teaching Donna and Jose rolled up about 15 minutes into the lesson. We both thought "awesome! Jose is here! It'll be a member present lesson!" Well Jose comes in and says that he has to tell us something. We ask him what's going on and he tells us.

He said that he had some revelation in a dream the other night. In his dream he saw God and God told him that he wants him to go back to his old church, the Catholic Church. We sat there and tried to help him understand that it was not revelation from God and that he was in the right church and God didn't want him to leave.

Well, we continued the lesson with Donna and she's still on date for baptism this Friday! It's funny because Donna fells the same way that we do about Jose leaving the church. She's just as confused as we are and equally as sad.

This week ahead been so stressful planning for the baptism. It feels like I'm doing everything all by myself. Me and my companion are both super excited for the baptism. Not a whole lot has happened this week, so I'm keeping it short. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!

Elder Funley

                         When us elders are workin hard; but when you da you gotta stay awake!

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